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The Covrit Advantage

  • Our screen wall systems save you money over block and brick construction while providing an attractive, no-maintenance, modular solution.
  • Our aluminum gates and doors will never rust, keeping their beautiful appearance for years to come!
  • Installation completed in one day! No special masonry trades required.
  • Fast repairs! Our revolutionary product design allows for on-site adjustments. In the event of inaccurate field measurements or unforeseen installation issues, our panels, gates and doors can be disassembled, cut down and reassembled on the spot.
  • All of our screening systems are
    proudly made in the USA

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Featured Transformations

  • Complete Enclosures
  • Gates & Doors
  • Walls & Posts
  • Replacement Gates

A complete Covrit screening system was installed at a public park to conceal a property dumpster.
The screen enclosure completely transformed the area and created a more welcoming environment.

This building maintenance area was exposed to allow for access by employees, but lacked security.
Our Covrit gate product offered an easy, affordable solution to protect the designated area while still providing needed accessibility.

Public parks often provide outdoor restroom facilities as a convenience to its patrons.



By installing Covrit walls and posts, this rest area is less of an eyesore and fits in well with the park's natural beauty.

The gates on this restaurant's dumpster enclosure were weathered and unstable, and did not properly protect the trash receptacle.
Our weather-resistant replacement Covrit gates provided an improved appearance and securely enclosed the property's dumpster.